Episode 11: What Role Does Truth Have in Fiction? (Part 2)

In which Robynne and Jane continue their conversation about the role truth has in fiction. However, this time, they swerve into the question of whether there can be too much truth in fiction.

Jane gives a great example of where too much truth can be problematic, namely when a piece becomes too graphic. Robynne adds that poorly disguised “characters” can have legal ramifications.

A rousing discussion ensues on how to honorably, judiciously work truth into fiction via changing details that don’t matter. Robynne calls this “taking a literary exacto knife” to the details that matter, extracting them from the “real” person or situation, and transplanting those crucial details into a wildly different fictional character or circumstance. With a brilliant example of Food Network’s “Chopped,” the ladies end this episode with a little cheekiness, but also solidly making their point.