Episode 30: Self-Editing (Part 2)

In which Robynne and Jane continue the conversation on Self-Editing. Jane’s already decided she now likes the thought of self-editing. But by the end of the episode, she absolutely loves it. Why? Because it’s easy AND effective.

This go-round, on the chopping block are adverbs. They are usually markers for weak verbs. (Hint: “ly” words are often HUGE red flags for sluggish verbs. Example: she ate greedily vs. she gobbled.)

Also getting the chop are stage directions … omitting unnecessary, obvious information makes your writing clearer, tighter, and more effective.

Although Robynne and Jane both support paying attention to those blue and red lines in your document, Robynne also cautions against trusting spellcheck without question. The red and blue lines are tools to help you identify problem areas in your work. Spellcheck is a tool to help, too. But those tools are only effective if your eyes are on your words and taking context into consideration.

Robynne admits her love for the “find and replace” functions, and explains how they can help make sweeping changes in your manuscript in a super quick and easy way.

And, there’s more. But you’ll have to listen in to find out what.