Episode 31: Should I Be Writing Memoir?

In which Robynne and Jane discuss the ever-interesting and wildly popular topic of Memoir. Robynne points out the vast changes the last ten years have seen in the definition and popularity of memoir, as well as the specs and inherent marketability.

What is a memoir today? A compelling personal narrative that is written about an event or time period in which something important happened. A NY Times best-selling author, and friend of Robynne and Jane, gets a mention as her many memoirs are perfect examples of the side of memoir dedicated to folks who are either famous or who have done something extraordinary. But the genre of memoir is shifting … there is now room in the market for the compelling stories by regular people. The key? Their stories need to have some sort of universal appeal. So, join Jane and Robynne as they discuss this topic to find out if your personal story might have a place on the Memoir shelf.