Episode 32: Can I Write Both Fiction and Nonfiction?

In which Jane asks the burning question: can I write both fiction and nonfiction? On the way to answering that question, Jane talks about how it’s often expected that writers pick one lane and stick with it, primarily because it makes the marketing efforts a whole lot easier. But there are plenty of authors who successfully straddle both genres.

Jocelyn Green, for example, has written eight historical fiction novels. But she has also published eight nonfiction books, as well. But how does she do that? It probably starts with an agent who is okay with you pursuing both genres. Robynne notes that the underlying reason some agents prefer you to stick with one genre and even sub-genre, is simply because publishers will find you easier to market if you contain yourself to one corner of the writing world. So, is it possible, then, to write both? Absolutely. Listen in to find out how!