Episode 29: Self-Editing (Part 1)

In which Robynne and Jane delve into the incredibly important, yet often misunderstood topic of Self-Editing. It’s such a large and important topic, however, that this is only Part 1 of a two-part series. And even then, the subject is not exhausted.

Here’s something Robynne learns about Jane in the first minutes of the episode: Jane does not like self-editing. Or she didn’t. But Robynne quickly edges her to the dark side of Self-Editing Enthusiasts. And it wasn’t very hard.

Self-editing is the chance to take your basic manuscript from drab to fab. And it’s how you make sure you are presenting your very best work to an editor, agent, or publisher. In this episode, you’ll get some very specific tips on how to make this whole self-editing thing easy.

And you start with a list. (Jane likes that part a lot.)

Making this list helps organize the process. And going through the list methodically is Robynne’s key to success. “But wait!” Jane interjects. “Does this mean you have to go through your manuscript several times?”

“Nay, dear Jane,” Robynne replies. And then she tells you how via the first seven points.