Episode 28: Jealousy and Envy

In which Jane and Robynne pull up their big girl britches and dive into the prickly subject of being envious of our fellow writers. Robynne reluctantly admits that, yes, in a way, she’s experienced moments of jealousy. In her defense, however, it wasn’t over an author’s ability or opportunity. What was she jealous about? Listen in!

Jane then admits to her personal struggles with the green-eyed monster. She relayed a moment when she was at an Inspire workshop with multi-published author, Sarah Sundin, who spoke about “God’s Waiting Room.” (Note: if you’re an Inspire member, this talk is available on video at inspirewriters.com) This image was a wonderful illustration about the joys and struggles and benefits of being in a holding pattern when those around you seem to be marching forward toward their writing goals.

Ginny Yttrup, another multi-published author, also gets a mention, with a wonderfully candid quote about envy and an even more wonderful response.

Do you struggle with this kind of issue? Are you needing a little encouragement, as well as a tiny bit of accountability? Well, pull up a chair and a cup of tea and let’s talk this through …