Episode 24: More Tips for Tighter, More Powerful, Writing

In which Robynne and Jane continuing their conversation on how to really tighten your writing until it’s strong, powerful, and compelling. When last we left the Dynamic Duo, they had already given a great set of tips. But, you know what? There is so much more! Did you know that the phrase “try and” is incorrect? (Should be “try to.”) And did you know that we all tend to overuse some words? For Robynne, the words “lovely” and “rubbish” way too much. Jane admits a slight addiction to “just.” These girls have issues. What to do? Put those words on a list to check before you send a manuscript out. If you see 43 “lovelies” in your first few chapters, maybe you ought to find a way to eliminate one or two.

Also, check for other phrases that are misused. It’s best to not use clichés at all in tight writing, but if you must, at least make sure they’re correct! Like, “it’s a doggie dog world,” when it should be “it’s a dog eat dog world.” Robynne outs her high school self with “for all intensive purposes,” which should have been “for all intents and purposes.” Robynne gives a bonus tip on how to figure out when to use “I” or “me” in a sentence. It’s worth a listen for that tip alone. But, of course, there are a lot more tips on how to make your writing the tightest it can be. Don’t believe me? Listen in!