Episode 18: The Benefits of Journaling

In which Jane dives into one of her very favorite topics: The benefits of keeping a journal. Why keep a journal? There are so many reasons … to evaluate and examine big events … to process huge emotional episodes … to generate ideas … prayer requests … devotionals … brainstorming. You get the idea. They can be all these things and more. Anne Lamott uses 3 x 5 cards, Robynne loves a combination of writing and voice recording, and Jane loves bejeweled journals.

What does this have to do with your writing journey? A lot, actually. Especially if you’re on this whole Christian writing journey. It’s a great place to process and ponder what God is doing in your life and what He’s calling you to do. Especially in a private, nobody-is-going-to-read-this way. Jane’s tips are wonderful. Anyone want to carpool to the stationery store?