Episode 19: Four Ways to Make Sure You DON’T Get Published

In which Robynne and Jane become super jocular (they clearly crack themselves up) as they turn one of the most asked questions in writing (How can I get published??) on its head. Here, the dynamic duo opts to unpack the four top ways NOT to get published. Robynne also drops a truth bomb about intelligence, but that’s just a bonus for you. As are Jane’s exemplary acting skills. But I digress.

In this episode, all important points are covered … submission guidelines, how much to send in a submission, deadlines and dates, and how and when to follow up. Follow these tips to the letter and you’re pretty much guaranteed NOT to get published. Of course, wedged in between all this tongue-in-cheek banter are some hard, cold truths: there are some important industry expectations, guidelines, and plain, old etiquette. If you follow them, you will, at the least, avoid being immediately tossed in the circular file. And getting your properly formatted, properly submitted, submission-appropriate work seen dramatically increases your chances of getting published. You’re welcome.