Episode 21: Four Common Mistakes Writers Make

In which Robynne and Jane talk, funnily enough, about some of the common mistakes writers make, especially new(ish) ones. Although most of what they talk about applies to all writers, they go a little deeper with Christian writers with the first mistake: believing that a call to writing means that you’re going to be rich and famous. Yeah, that’s not a given, and Robynne deftly explains why … and why focusing on those possible outcomes might mean you’ll miss the biggest benefits of the writing journey.

Another mistake is thinking this whole writing thing is a quick process. It’s so not. So, so not. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Slow can be good. Promise. Another common mistake is leaving all the less appealing parts of writing until last (building platform, anyone?). If you’re the kind of person who ate your favorite bits on your plate first as a child, then pushes the rest around gloomily until your mom made you eat the now-cold Brussel sprouts, this one is for you. Want to know the last one? Well, you’ll just have to listen.