Episode 22: Do I Need an Agent?

In which Jane and Robynne answer the burning question most writers ask at some point: do I need an agent? It’s actually not as simple as you think to make this decision, and it’s even less simple to choose the RIGHT agent. Both Jane and Robynne tell the stories of how they found and were signed by their agents. (Spoiler alert: the key to it all is relationship!) And then they dive into the pros and cons of having an agent, how to find the right one for you, and what the heck an agent even does. (Spoiler alert #2: it’s a whole darn lot!)

Agents are pivotal in helping you hone and develop projects, navigate legal documents and royalty statements, and connecting you with influencers and endorsers in your field. Then they lobby for you with publishers, help with marketing, leverage their own connections on your behalf, and are generally your biggest encourager.

It’s important to note that they’re there to help you make the best business, writing, and contract decisions possible. This means they aren’t just there to be a cheerleader. They want you to be successful, which means they will be honest with you. As painful as this might be, it’s actually in your best interest. And sometimes, in some situations, you don’t need an agent at all. Want to know why? Listen in …