Episode 26: Why Do You Write?

In which Jane and Robynne explore the many reasons for writing at all. Jane opens with a question to Robynne: Why do YOU write. As usual, Robynne’s answer is a little unorthodox … it’s a combination of many, many things, including a bit of a compulsion, a way to learn about herself and others, a way to process events and emotions, a way to share information and encouragement. Jane followed that up with an interesting question: would you, as a writer, still write if there were no hope of publication or public eyes on your words?

The motivation for writing comes in different forms and writing has so many outlets. Jane does a great job of exploring all of these and encouraging us to remember why we started writing in the first place.

There are many reasons to write … for publication, for personal growth, for ministry, for processing emotions and events. Jane and Robynne help define and value each of these many kinds.